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ab-biochar-initiativeThe ABI has been developed around six themes that address the business and technology gaps identified in the Biochar Gap Analysis (Appendix 1 of Partnership Booklet). It is anticipated that ABI Partners would participate in one or more themes to resolve the gaps which pertain to their business or areas of interest. The themes are listed below along with general goals for each.

Theme 1 Biochar Production

  • Feedstock characteristics and suitability for biochar specific applications
  • Biochar production and quality characterization
  • Quality standards for Alberta based on those developed by the International Biochar Initiative
  • Support the development of better environmental regulations and categories for equipment use
  • Investigate the production and use of biochar byproducts, such as pyrolysis oil


Theme 2 Growth Media for Greenhouse Crops

  • Demonstrate the commercial-scale use of biochar as growth media for greenhouse crops
  • Engage producer groups and greenhouse operators to establish commercial demonstrations
  • Quantify North American demand for these applications


Theme 3:   Biochar for Land Reclamation/Remediation and Waste Water Treatment

  • Demonstrate the use of biochar for land reclamation/remediation and waste water treatment.
  • Seek best methods to activate biochar for adsorbent uses
  • Quantify the North American demand for these applications


Theme 4: Demonstrating Biochar as a Soil Amendment to Boost Crop Yield.

  • Biochar to be produced from woody biomass, wheat straw and other feedstocks
  • Investigate biochar formulations and incorporation techniques for farmland
  • Create economic models to support these applications


Theme 5: Alberta Biochar Partner Engagement

  • The purpose of this theme is to promote and transfer biochar production and end-use technologies in Alberta and elsewhere
  • Partners from small-to-medium sized enterprises, industry, academia and government will engage in activities to communicate and demonstrate the uses of biochar to promote business opportunities and work together to move the sector forwardConnect with other local, national and international initiatives to promote information sharing
  • Be a conduit for regulatory body consultations with industry stakeholders
  • Identify and develop market opportunities for biochar and the biochar value chain
  • Facilitate coordinated research amongst partners


Theme 6: Quantification of the Carbon Sequestration Potential of Biochar

  • Conduct studies to monitor biochar stability and greenhouse gas emissions from different soils
  • Draft biochar offset protocols and provide data to guide regulations and policies
  • Conduct Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and carbon sequestration quantification for carbon offsets
  • Carbon credit analysis to support the development of economic models for biochar
  • Support the development, drafting and implementation of carbon protocols using biochar for the mitigation of industrial activity

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