ABI Partners

ABI is an expanding network of industries, research providers, government branches, and biochar enthusiasts. The current list of ABI partners are as follows. Click to expand for more information and contact address.

1. Alberta Innovates Technology Futures, Vegreville, AB

For more information, contact:

Don Harfield, P.Eng., P.M.P.
Team Leader & Researcher
Thermochemical Processing
Bioresource Technologies
Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures
Vegreville, Alberta
Tel  (780) 632-8271
Fax (780) 632-8285 


2. Lakeland College, Vermilion, AB

Lakeland College has unique facility and expertise in agriculture, livestock and energy studies. We can provide research services on various areas of biochar including:

  • Biochar production and logistics
  • Agronomy and environmental use
  • Biochar material handling and field application
  • Specific product development

For more information, contact:

Diane Harms
Applied Research
Lakeland College
5707 College Drive,
Vermilion AB T9X 1K5
T 780 581 0656
F 780 853 8704
Twitter: @ABbiochar


3. Alberta Newsprint Company, Whitecourt, AB.

4. The Prasino Group, Calgary, AB
.The Prasino Group is an active proponent of biochar across North America.  We are involved the following areas:

  • Biochar Production and Project Development
  • Biochar Marketing and Sales
  • Supply Available in both Canada and the United States
    • Biochar Product Certification for Use
  • Biochar Research and Product Development
  • Biochar Policy and Program Development
  • Greenhouse Gas Offset Credit Documentation and Commercialization

For more information, contact:

Keith Driver, M.Sc., P.Eng., MBA
Senior Partner, The Prasino Group
Alberta – Iowa – California – North Carolina
T. 403.860.8623 

.5. NovaGreen Inc, Killam, AB
NovaGreen Inc. is a Demonstration-stage Alberta company that utilizes
agricultural biomass to extract and produce ‘in-demand’ products for the
Food & Nutrition industry. We then convert the remnant product into:

.       Biochar, for agricultural remediation, and/or
.       Activated biochar, for use in a range of environmental applications

NovaGreen works closely with post-secondary, institutional, R&D,
agricultural, and private industry partners to develop and prove out
applications that target the commercial marketplace.

For further information, contact:

Barry Farquharson
CEO, Nova Green Inc.
ph: 780-468-3340

6. Alberta Innovates Bio-Solutions, Edmonton, AB.

7. Canadian Wood Fibre Centre, Natural Resources Canada, Edmonton, AB.

8. AirTerra Inc, Calgary, AB.

9. National Institute of Nanotechnology (NINT), Edmonton, AB.

10. University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC.

11. ABRI-Tech, Namur, QC.

12. Ecosus Special - Substrates, Germany.

13. Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development (AARD), Greenhouse Branch, Brooks, AB.

14. University of Alberta, Department of Renewable Resources, Edmonton, AB
15. MacEwan University, Department of Chemistry, Edmonton, AB.

16. Verigon Canada Incorporated, Sherwood Drive, AB.

17. NutraPonics Canada Corp., Sherwood Park, AB .

18. Diacarbon Energy Inc., Burnaby, BC
Diacarbon Energy Inc. is a BC based green-tech company that develops pyrolysis technology and employs that technology to produce and sell both biochar and biocoal.  Diacarbon’s biochar products are currently being used across North America in lab and field-scale agricultural trials

For more information contact:

Jared L. Taylor, PhD, PChem
Vice President, R&D
Diacarbon Energy Inc.
Unit 120 – 2250 Boundary Road
Burnaby, BC, Canada
V5M 3Z3

19. Olds College, Olds, AB.

20. Edmonton Aquaponics Society, Edmonton, AB.

21. Dr. Mirza Consultants Inc., Edmonton, AB.

22. University of Calgary, Calgary, AB.

23. Innovation Reduction Strategies Inc., Millet, Alberta.

24. Public Ecology, Edmonton, Alberta.

25. Best Water Ranch, Edmonton, AB - Stan Howard

26. The Carbon Basis Company Ltd., Edmonton, AB.

27. Athabasca University, Athabasca, AB - Junye Wang

Athabasca University (AU) utilizes a systems approach to its research into agroecosystems, which provides a unique capacity for modelling and simulation of a variety of these systems. AU is able to provide research and assistance for ABI partners through:

  • Modelling and simulation of Biochar soil amendments.
  • Assessment of Biochar influences on soil processes (soil carbon, greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants).
  • Evaluation of Biochar treatments for remediation, reclamation and agro-production.
  • Design and analysis of Biochar treatments.

For more information, contact:

Junye Wang, MSc, PhD
Professor and CAIP Research Chair
Faculty of Science and Technology
Athabasca University


28. Wood Buffalo Industrial Surveyors Ltd., Fort McMurray, AB.

29. Lethbridge College, Lethbridge, AB - Charlie Shultz.

30. York Regional Environmental Alliance (YREA), Richmond Hill, ON - Gloria Marsh

York Region Environmental Alliance (YREA) is a non-profit, registered charity that is undertaking field trial research to study the efficacy of biochar in agriculture on southern Ontario soils in collaboration with the University of Guelph and in collaboration with municipalities in York Region to study the benefits of biochar on urban trees. Pending research results we plan to:

  • Establish a non-profit biochar social enterprise venture
  • Market and provide biochar to local sectors within a 100 mile carbon shed radius
  • Continue and expand local biochar research
  • Subsidize the growing of industrial hemp buy purchasing hemp stalk biomass

For more information, contact:

Gloria Marsh
York Region Environmental Alliance
Biochar Field Trial Coordinator
T: 905-660-9782


31. CANMET Energy Technology Centre, NR Can, Ottawa, ON - Ed Hogan.

32. Construction Waste Disposal, Edmonton, AB.

33. Viking Farm, Viking, AB.

34. Al-PAC, Edmonton, AB.

35. GREENEDGECO A div of GPFI. .

36. Tekle Technical Services Inc. O/A TTS Inc.

TTS was established in 1998 to develop sustainable bio-composite products and technologies. With our well equipped testing facility and four pilot operations we are capable of providing applications development services for the pre-commercialization of biochar.

For more information, contact:

Tam Tekle, M.I.M.M.M
President, TTS Inc.
9527-49th Avenue,
Edmonton, AB, T6E 5Z5
Tel: 780-465-1532
Fax: 780-461-9950

37. The Pembina Institute, Calgary, AB.

38. West Fraser Mills, Quesenl, BC.

39. KGS Group, Winnipeg, MB.

40. BC Biocarbon Ltd., Prince George, BC.

41. Healthy Herds, Bently, AB.

42. Elfin Magic, Edmonton, AB.

43. Alberta Urban Garden, Edmonton, AB.

44. Lallemand Specialties Canada Inc., Winnipeg, MB.

45. Haliburton Forest & Wildlife Reserve Ltd., Haliburton, ON.

46. A&L Biologicals, London, ON

A&L is one of the few labs in Canada to provide complete biochar analysis data for meeting CFIA and local environmental regulatory standards. The cost of the individual tests per sample are shown below:

* ICP analysis of metals – $ 115
* Hydrate analysis for mercury and arsenic – $ 20
* Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons – $ 325
* Poly chlorinated Biphenyls – $ 325
* Plant bioassays at 3 dilutions and control
in triplicates per plant species – $ 120
* Dioxins – $1200

For more information please contact:

Dr. George Lazarovits
A&L Biologicals
Agroecology Research Services Centre, 2136 Jetstream Road
London, ON N5V 3P5
Tel: 519.457.2575 ext 246
Cell: 519-878-1323
Fax 519-457-0228
Toll Free 1-(855)-837-8347


47. Passive Remediation Systems Ltd. (PRSI), Armstrong, BC.

48. Beaver Municipal Solutions, Ryley, AB.

49. Biorefining Conversions Network, Edmonton, AB.

50. Natural Resources Canada, CanmetMINING, Ottawa, ON
51. Eagle Creek Farms, Bowden, AB.

52. Mitsubishi Canada Ltd., Toronto, ON - Mark Masotti


53. Gary Christopherson, Grimshaw, AB.

54. Natural Resources Canada, Ottawa, ON - Bryan Tisch.

55. Weyerhaeuser Company Ltd., Edmonton, AB.

56. TerraVerdae BioWorks Inc., Edmonton, AB.

57. Memorial University, St. John's, NL .

58. Acadia University, Wolfville, NS .

59. Hemptasia Inc., North Battleford, SK .

60. The Green Foundation, Yellowhead County, AB .

ABI Partnership Program

ABI is made up of Partners that have been approved for inclusion by the ABI Program Management Committee. ABI was developed with Western Economic Diversification Canada contribution and with the initial support of NovaGreen Inc., The Prasino Group Inc.  and Alberta Newsprint Company.

The primary benefits of becoming an Alberta Biochar Initiative Partner are;

  1. Opportunity to network with other companies and individuals actively engaged in developing the biochar industry.
  2. Access to biochar related research conducted on behalf of the ABI Partners for development of the biochar sector by AITF, Lakeland College and other ABI Partners.
  3. Access to researchers at AITF, Lakeland College and other ABI Partners to pursue additional, company specific market or technical research.
  4. Access to two mobile pilot-scale pyrolysis units for the production of biochar. Operations can take place at AITF, Lakeland or at a suitable industrial location determined in collaboration with the ABI Partner.
  5. Access to samples of feedstock or characterized biochar from the ABI Materials Library.
  6. Partner visibility on ABI communications and sponsorship opportunities for ABI events.
  7. Participate in collective value chain development


ABI Partner Obligations

  1. Participate in one or more ABI Partner Engagement events per year.
  2. Develop or collaborate on at least one Partner Project or ABI Project every 3 years. Partner Projects are company specific research or demonstration activities. ABI Projects are intended to support or promote the needs of the themes for the benefit of the Partners in that theme.
  3. Provide a Partner Profile for ABI networking and communication activities.
  4. Participate in ABI communications activities by sharing non-confidential company announcements, research papers or presentations that promote themselves or the interests of the ABI themes.


Annual ABI Partnership fees

Update (June 16, 2013): All ABI partnership fees have been waived until June 30, 2015. Fees collected, if any, will be returned in full amount. To join the membership, one must fill the “ABI Partner Request & Profile Form” found on the “Partnership Booklet” (see below). The ABI Management Committee makes final decision on partnership approval.


ABI Partnership Booklet









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