ABI Biochar Production Workshop August 27-28, Vegreville

ABI organized a two-days workshop on biochar production in August 27 & 28, 2014 at AITF, Vegreville. The main objective of this specialized event was to transfer years of operational experience and knowledge of the biochar production from AITF and Lakeland College to ABI partners and stakeholders. Each day one of the ABI pre-commercial biochar production unit was used to demonstrate the biochar production. Biochar quality assessment methodology and lab facilities were also demonstrated. With feedbacks from ABI Advisory committee and ABI partners, we organized a half-a-day Operating Practices Seminar on some of the important topics like biochar production technology overview, economics of biochar production and post-processing of biochar. The schedule of the program can be downloaded here.

Please download the presentations made during the event below:
1. Opening remarks – Barry Mehr, Vice President, Forestry, Food & Agriculture, AITF
2. Biochar Production Process and Technology – Don Harfield, Program Leader and Senior Projects Leader, AITF
3. Biochar Production Economics – Peter Fransham, VP Technology, ABRI-Tech Inc., Namur, Quebec
4. Soil Amendment: Inoculation and Conditioning – Stephen Legaree, Owner, Alberta Urban Garden
5. Biochar as Filter Media: Steam and Chemical Activation – Ataullah Khan, Research Scientist, AITF

You may also download an excel model to perform the financial analysis on different scales of bio-refinery operation. Below are two models, one for biochar as a primary product and other for bio-oil as same. Courtesy of Peter Fransham, you are free to use the model and make upgrades to it. By downloading this model, however, you agree to use it at your own risk and neither ABI nor ABRI-Tech or people involved will not be liable for any claims regarding any damage caused by the use of the information provided.

1. Financial Model for Biochar Plant
2. Financial Model for Bio-oil Plant

We thank everyone who participated at the event. Special thanks to those who delivered the presentation and assisted in biochar production demonstration.

Alok Dhungana
Coordinator, Alberta Biochar Initiative

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